Raven Maragh-Lloyd is a digital media and critical race studies scholar whose research examines the intersections between race, gender, and digital media culture. She is currently working on her book, Reshaping Black Resistance: Strategic Rearticulations in the Digital Age, which explores the shifting nature of Black resistance strategies online. More broadly, Maragh-Lloyd is interested in Black publics online who deploy their social and cultural tools in order to challenge media institutions and narratives.

Maragh-Lloyd primarily uses qualitative methods, such as interviews and discourse analysis, in her work and also collaborates with social science and computer science colleagues to explore the connections between critical cultural scholarship and ‘big data’ analyses. Ultimately, her scholarship makes central the ways that Black and African-American folks tap into long existing channels of communication toward the goals of community, survival, and visibility.

She currently lives in St. Louis, MO with her husband, two-year-old daughter, and family dog, Miles.